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Eindhoven based and designed in the Red Bastard Studio, Red’s influenced by Post-Punk, Art, Music and the Psychological Mind. Red combines a lot of sub-cultures and brings them together in a contemporary and expressive way. Red’s recognizable for its own language and challenges to shift the viewer’s perspective. 

“I don’t see myself as a real fashion designer honestly, I just use the fabric like a canvas to an artist.
It happend to be clothes mainly but the rest is also a big part of it”. 
Red’s heading out a little further towards something more exploratory, looking for the next thing from within. ”I decided to accepted as true my own thinking”.

With attention to detail, each piece in the collection is individually handmade from start to finish using handpicked fabrics and refine techniques.
The results are unique pieces and a limited collection to wear day and deep into your nights. Items are gender fluent and one-size. 

Everyone is welcome to wear it (if they can get their hands on an item..)